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Creative and explorative physical workspace in the center of Malmö.

Doe Lab is an open space for bold and endless ideas, that combines traditional craftmanship with innovation and experimental thinking. Aims to be a place to interact and collaborate with other creatives, locally and globally, as a part of a journey of design exploration.

Work fields
Graphic design  ·  Editorial Design  ·  Art Direction  ·  Brand & Visual identity  ·  Spatial & interior design  ·   Handcrafts  · Textiles  ·  Sustainable practices  ·  Workshops & Education.

Daniela Doe
︎ danieladotdoe@gmail.com
︎ (+46) 0793515993

Ahlmansgatan 4
214 27 Malmö, Sweden

About Daniela Doe

Daniela is a Portuguese-French multidisciplinary designer, working and living in Malmö, Sweden.

She has been developing a greater interest in handcrafted textiles and sustainable practices.

The designer started focusing more on creating unique textiles pieces and holding hands-on workshops to talk and experiment with upcycling and handcrafts methods applied to wearables and textile design.

Since 2020, Daniela has been producing contemporary wall tapestries using punch needles and tufting guns. The use of sharp graphics, vibrant colors, and, the synthesis of forms characterizes her visual style. Her work has always explored the human connection to nature, closely examining details, organic shapes, and playfulness in textures and colors reflecting her upbringing.

Photos by Cassius Lambert