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Selected Works

        1. Rugs
        2. Wearables        
        3. Graphics  
        4. Objects    
        5. Illustration               


        6. Shop
        7. Workshops


Handmade graphic objects
Furniture and ceramics

Large pillows
Interactions during Nesting ll

Handmade embroidery and fabric collage on a Fatboy Original made out of leftover fabrics

Orange Flower Flame Pillow
Linen and Cotton, 190 x 160 cm

Lilac Malformation Pillow
Linen and Cotton, 190 x 160 cm

Everything is in order
Hand-painted old wooden box
Acrylic on wood


Tabi Flowerpot
Sculpting in clay


⟢⨫ ͋ ֻ. 3d sculptures going from digital to physical to digital once again, combining 3d scans, scripts, and modeling to give each form and symbol both physical and digital lives ͋ ֻ. ⃝

͋ ֻ.⬬⬬⬬ Handmade ceramics exploring illegal graphic design techniques ⍝ ؊. made out of clay ⦂A long process playing with new shapes, graphics, colored glazes, and unpredictable results෴ ⃝⦂⟢


[a.][b.][c.][d.] temporary people
handmade ceramics

“This existence, this cursed planet, all of its billions of people clawing and screaming for a single moment of true happiness, is temporary. All is temporary, all must end eventually”