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Handmade graphic objects
Furniture and ceramics

Large pillows
Interactions during Nesting ll

Handmade embroidery and fabric collage on a Fatboy Original made out of leftover fabrics

Orange Flower Flame Pillow
Linen and Cotton, 190 x 160 cm

Lilac Malformation Pillow
Linen and Cotton, 190 x 160 cm

Everything is in order
Hand-painted old wooden box
Acrylic on wood


Tabi Flowerpot
Sculpting in clay


⟢⨫ ͋ ֻ. 3d sculptures going from digital to physical to digital once again, combining 3d scans, scripts, and modeling to give each form and symbol both physical and digital lives ͋ ֻ. ⃝

͋ ֻ.⬬⬬⬬ Handmade ceramics exploring illegal graphic design techniques ⍝ ؊. made out of clay ⦂A long process playing with new shapes, graphics, colored glazes, and unpredictable results෴ ⃝⦂⟢


[a.][b.][c.][d.] temporary people
handmade ceramics

“This existence, this cursed planet, all of its billions of people clawing and screaming for a single moment of true happiness, is temporary. All is temporary, all must end eventually”