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Unique wearable pieces

Quilted Bag

38 x 27 x 9 cm

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Handmade in Malmö 🖐🏽
Limited stock

⟢ Padded material
⟢ Embroidery on both sides
⟢ Strap (approx. 43 cm)
⟢ Drawstring on each side
⟢ Inner pocket
⟢ It fits laptops up to 14”

Care: Wash gently with a non-harsh detergent, preferably with the “soft wash” machine program. Dry your bag on an airy flat surface.

Knitted Scarf Green/Brown


︎Shipping costs and VAT are calculated at the checkout

Available for pre-order until 31 of January 2024, delivery by the end of February

Limited edition
Winter 2023

Material: A wool blend made from 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic yarn is good for high-quality products that are also easy to care.


danieladotdoe@gmail.com or DM on instagram