Daniela Doe

Multidisciplinary Designer with a
passion for handcrafts.

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Selected Works

        1. Rugs
        2. Wearables        
        3. Graphics        
        4. Illustration        
        5. Ceramics        
        6. Photography        

        7. Video


        8. Shop

        9. Exhibition 


Adidas Upcycled dress


Model | RUMINA 


Long jacket

Stitched with love for my last exhibition Happy Place

Photo by Alexandre Doe


I have been sitting here for so long 

017-05 quarantine thoughts/ If clothes are now completely part of the domestic realm - and we don’t need to move anywhere - might they begin to merge with other aspects of domesticity?


Shoe corset inspired by Paolina Russo Upcycled work -
Made with a pair of Nike Classic Cortez


danieladoe made a new sweater from an old cardigan
Photo by Alexandre Doe

Buy my upcycled clothing here

Upcycled t-shirts
Photo by Daniela and Alexandre Doe

Limited edition

High neck sweatshirt with handmade embroidery and homemade silk print.
Photo by Daniela Doe

Embroidery dress
[Fashion and Philosophical Deconstruction: a fashion in-deconstruction]:[fashionstudies]