Daniela Doe

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Selected Works

        1. Wearables        
        2. Graphics        
        3. Illustration        
        4. Ceramics        
        5. Photography        

        6. Video


        7. Shop

        8. Exhibition 


I have been sitting here for so long 

017-05 quarantine thoughts/ If clothes are now completely part of the domestic realm - and we don’t need to move anywhere - might they begin to merge with other aspects of domesticity?


danieladoe made a new sweater from an old cardigan
Photo by Alexandre Doe

Upcycled t-shirts
Photo by Daniela and Alexandre Doe


Limited edition

High neck sweatshirt with handmade embroidery and homemade silk print.
Photo by Daniela Doe

Shop shop

Hat protoype 001

Hand painted pants 
Photo by Daniela Doe

Embroidery dress
[Fashion and Philosophical Deconstruction: a fashion in-deconstruction]:[fashionstudies]

Hand painted vintage leather jacket with posca markers
35mm film by Daniela Doe