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Hi! Thanks for coming here. I wrote this clumsy draft about ︎ me   

My parents, esses loucos...

Because of them, I came to this world to have an obsession with…

Círculos ‘sirkulu ︎

From an early age, I realized my hands were my favorite tool to create whatever I need to play in my wonderful world of the imaginary… My mom always told me that I used to play a lot by myself and I was all the time talking softly while performing my fantasies... many conversations and reflections with my selves.

But I never felt lonely︎... Even with my two brothers who I love being with, it was always an individual choice to stay in my bubble for long periods of time.

When I was 12 I wrote a letter to myself, saying:

- “You know, I like you.... sometimes it’s a little bit hard to live inside you, but you will be always my friend.
I mean, our friend. We are many.
Thank you, because we never get bored with you.
Because you are always doing something, you are always looking for something different to play… I like you because of that.”
Daniela Doe, 18/03/2007

I feel good knowing that... I was already so conscious about my multiple selves at this age. Nothing has changed so far. This child still resides in my being.

Then, growing up and handle with the whole diversity of other’s personalities, became my fear and new obsession. I was so lucky to have Bad Friends︎... who taught me exactly what I don't want to be to anyone in this lifetime. With the malice of my Bad Friends actions, I've learned that making myself vulnerable is actually very freeing.

Well... but now I'm even luckier with my Good Friends, which has shown me that I can love people and be healthily obsessed with them. Mutually. In this small circle, I found purely by chance these admirable beings.

All of them are sooo far away, but it’s ok... I look forward to the day when telepathy exists, when we can communicate through cries and feelings, and let us stop with words, those which are so limited and that irritates me because they never express right what a physical body can do.

My sirkulu consists of obsessions. A priori we could think that an obsession is a bad thing, often uncontrollable or even domination. And it is. But it can also be a force for a good thing... for me it’s something that helps me to shape who I want to be. As an artist, as a person, as a friend...

So yes... everyone is looking for a reason, I guess... For me, that reason is to create, and I know I have this stubborn obsession since I remember. My hands, sirkulus, the Bad and the Good friends and what they bring to me... are my obsession and part of my process of creation.

And the Sirkulu ︎ is in everything I observe in nature... how I interprete the world and society... how I think design .... and how I feel as a human. 

I don't know if what I see is completely true, I don't even know if I ever saw it clearly. But where I live, dream and suffer, everything looks wonderful in this cycle of self intuition.

If you’ve read this far, love to you.
If you’ve not read this far, love to you.

Never give up on your nightmares.
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