Travel journal by João Narciso and Hugo Lopes

This publication is an experimental editorial project curated and designed by me, an exploration around colour gradients and collages created with illustrations and pictures taken by my friends, during a trip across Europe.



typeface exploration
and some pictures I took of my friend Margarida last year

[002] OUT OUT zine

DIY printed Zine:
- Collection of 9 zines. Each one with a different theme. Contains collages, screenshots and photography, analogue and digital process;
- Colour Print;
- 9cm x 18cm; 

cover art for Addicts
Tape 1 Ep

(editorial project 2018)

Final school project for Editorial 

[001] Through the eyes of _____ . 2018

DIY printed Zine:
- Contains 26 pages of collages, hand-drawn pictures and lots of writing;
- Colour Print;
- 13cm x 18cm;