Daniela Doe

Multidisciplinary Designer with a
passion for handcrafts.

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Selected Works

        1. Rugs
        2. Wearables        
        3. Graphics        
        4. Illustration        
        5. Ceramics        
        6. Photography        

        7. Video


        8. Shop

        9. Exhibition 


Distributed Design to Improve Life
Group exhibition

Maker Faire Copenhagen
27-28 August 2021

Ungdommens Folkemøde
8-9 September 2021

︎Copenhagen, DK

Textiles and sustainable practices

An educational installation showcasing upcycled pieces produced during the Distributed Design summer school at @foreningenmaker, combined with informative posters and cards about Upcycling methods and Principles of Circular Fashion.

In addition, Daniela hosted Repairing and Remaking workshops during the Distributed Design exhibitions. A 2 hour class on how to repair and remake old clothes will be offered where information about the Principles of Circular Fashion will also be shared. Participants will be given an introduction to different techniques that can easily be learned and applied including painting, embroidery, visible mending, applications, simple deconstruction, and reworking with scraps.

Principles of Circular Fashion cards

An 8-card deck about 8 circular principles, with examples and questions to create discussion and help to make better design and production decisions.

Project part of the Distributed Design To Improve Life summer school at Maker. 

Supported by @foreningenmaker @creativeeurope @distributeddesign @danskdesigncenter @designtoimprovelife